Top 7 Amazing Wedding Destinations in Europe


What is the best place for getting married in europe

Destination weddings can be high energy and super fun or they can have that chilled, relaxed vibe some couples want their weddings guests to enjoy. There are endless possibilities when it comes to choosing the best possible location, and it is certainly can be challenging to choose between these amazingly sunny and perfect wedding locations, especially if you are coming from the forever grey UK.

So let`s dive straight in, and here are my absolute favourite top destinations locations for weddings abroad in Europe.

Santorini is one of the gems of European destination weddings so it is no surprise it is on top of our list. It’s easy to see why so many couples choose to get married in Santorini, with it’s beautiful beaches and traditional Greek architecture with pretty blue and white houses, it’s an awesome backdrop for stunning wedding photography.

There’s a great range of hotels on the island of Santorini, 3 star accommodation to 5 star luxury venues. If you are looking for a Greek destination wedding that combines elegance with brilliant holiday vibes, getting married in Santorini could be the perfect destination wedding spot for you. Lots of the venues in Santorini accommodate around 20-40 guests so you can have great fun planning a really bespoke wedding celebration.

In terms of a wedding budget you can always splash the cash, but you can also plan a great value wedding if you put some thought into it. So to give an example when I last worked as a wedding photographer in Santorini, I picked up four days of accommodation and return flights for around £500. For more intimate weddings Santorini is my absolutely favourite wedding location in Europe it’s got a amazing atmosphere and endless photo opportunities.

Would like a wedding filled with Sangria and sunshine? Enjoy your amazing day in the beautiful Costa Del Sol.

The sun-soaked Costa Del Sol and Costa Brava are two of the most popular wedding destination hot-spots for British couples. Southern Spain is super special but did you know you can only get married in Spain legally if you are catholic.

You can of course still have a beautiful symbolic ceremony on the beach followed by a great party and head to your registry office back in the UK when you get back home. There are some very glitzy spots to choose from if you’re getting married in Spain. Marbella know for it’s celeb culture has become the diamond standard destination for luxury wedding venues.

People from around the world head here to have the ultimate party wedding receptions. There’s a lot to be said for combining your wedding and your honeymoon and the sandy beaches, long sunny days and glamour all make for an amazing marriage experience.

Get an epic sunset and a backdrop filled with incredible history on your destination wedding in Sicily

If you’re looking for a romantic Mediterranean wedding Sicily won’t disappoint. Sicily is a very popular wedding destination and has some very exclusive wedding venues. So if you are after some of the most beautiful settings in Europe, Sicily is a hidden gem for beach weddings with crustal clear waters and epic sunsets.

If you’re thinking about having your wedding in Sicily, it’s worth doing a bit of research to find a venue that suits you. There are vibrant cities full of culture and ancient architecture that make it a perfect place for a really cool wedding celebration.

You could head to the mountains and get married in a castle, or get married surrounded by dramatic volcanic scenery on one of the uninhabited Sicilian islands just off of the coast. With UNESCO world heritage sites, sun, sea and sand AND a cosmopolitan mix of buzzing bars and restaurants, why wouldn’t you choose Sicily for a stylish destination wedding for your weddings abroad?

Experience beautiful rustic venues and endless vineyards with breathtaking Italian landscapes during your wedding in Tuscany.

One of the most popular places to get married in Italy is Tuscany. Tuscany wedding venues definitely give that WOW factor and lots of wedding couples like the combination of choice, an Italian beach wedding, and the picturesque countryside and vineyards that weddings in Italy offer.

One of the reasons that Tuscany is a favourite wedding hotspot for Brits is the idea of a traditional, rustic Italian wedding, perhaps held in the grounds of a beautiful villa only 1 hour from the most popular beaches and even just a daytrip away from having some wedding photos in Rome.

It’s fab option for wedding couples to spend some quality time with friends and family enjoying as pool parties, cocktail evenings, delicious Italian food as well of course as the beautiful scenery. It all adds up to an absolutely unforgettable wedding.

How about having an English structured wedding with champagne reception spiced up with a chateau on the countryside of France in St Tropez or Nice?

The South of France is only 12 hours away from London via car and train which means you aren’t tied to restrictions that lots of European destinations bring with them when you are thinking about your guest list. Rather than following the standard rule of heaving 25-30 guests over on a plane, they can make their way their at a leisurely pace through the countryside of France.

Also, have you seen “ Destination Wedding” with Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder? If not, go watch it and then start your planning for a wedding on the French Riviera! You can hire your own villa or French chateau and have the 80+ wedding guests you would have at home in the UK. You can have your European wedding destination with minimal effort and at little or no extra cost when you compare it to getting married in the UK. The nice thing about getting married in France is that they are relaxed, laid-back and have that “rustic style”.

They have similar traditions to an English wedding with venues offering champagne wedding receptions and sit down 3 or 4 course meals. If there is a tiny down-side it is that the weather is usually warmer than the UK but can be little temperamental and changeable (just like the UK) so I recommend booking your wedding to take place in the summer months to make the most of the fashionable French Riviera settings.

What’s about having a family and kids oriented wedding in Cyprus for larger guests numbers but for less or same cost than in the UK?

Cyprus is a fantastic wedding destination in the Mediterranean. The beautiful island offers sea offering brilliant beaches, crystal clear water, and in comparison to some of the other European wedding destinations, it offers very affordable destination wedding packages. People often realise that getting married abroad in Europe doesn`t always mean cheaper weddings, and it is more about the vibe, the fantastic experience and super relaxed holiday style weddings.

Cyprus offers a wider choice of beach wedding hotels with higher capacity so you can accommodate more guests. It can be a challenge to find UK style wedding photographer though and it really is a good idea to hire someone you get meet and get to know here in the UK and book them to travel out to your take your wedding photographs.

By hiring someone like myself you are much more likely to have images that you are really happy with. A UK based destination wedding photographer would add an additional travel and accommodation fee (£500 would be an approximate estimate for European destination wedding photography) on top of their standard UK prices.

Our final super popular location to get married in Europe is Lake Como.

Lake Como just had to be on this list of the best European destination wedding venues! In the foothills of the Alps and the third largest of the Italian lakes it has been a favourite retreat of aristocrats and the wealthy for centuries with many celebrities still choosing to buy holiday homes in the area.

Luxury lakeside hotels, historic villas, local trattorias and quaint guest houses, you can find pretty much everything you can imagine when looking for wedding venues in Lake Como area. The lake offers a something very special, it’s unique, and it drips with class.

So in summary Lake Como is the most glamorous European wedding destination and people with great taste often choose to have their wedding there. If you and your wedding guests deserve the best, Lake Como will not let you down.

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