Wedding photographer in Malaga taken a photo of bride and groom while sailing on the Costa Del Sol


At the heart of my work, I believe that wedding photography in Marbella is more than just creating beautiful & timeless images. It's about capturing the genuine, heartfelt moments that make your love story one-of-a-kind. This is why I offer a relaxed, natural style of photography, enabling you to be yourselves and fully relish your special day. Though I photograph stunning weddings all over Spain and even globally, I take great pride in capturing magical local moments right here in Marbella, Malaga along with Benalmadena, Nerja, Tarifa, Estepona, Mijas, and throughout Costa Del Sol and Costa Brava, Ibiza and Mallorca.

Despite the hurdles faced by many UK & US photographers due to Brexit-related shifts in European work regulations, I'm grateful to offer my local photography services in Marbella. If you're seeking a fluent English-speaking photographer with a good sense of humour and an easy-going personality, look no further. I'm here to capture your precious moments in a hassle-free and fluid manner.

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My Philosophy

Do you like Candid & natural moments?

I feel the same way! There's something incredibly special about candid moments. Time and again, I've found that the most heartwarming (or crazy) photos are the ones captured when people are simply being themselves, oblivious to the camera's presence.

bride and groom walking in Greece during their destination wedding photo session surrounded by musicans and dancing on the street
bridesmaids open their present from the bride they received before the wedding ceremony in Marbella Ocean Club
Bride and groom laughing out loud during their romantic wedding ceremony in Santorini overlooking the caldera and this moment was captured beautifully by their destination wedding photographer
bride and groom exchanging vows during their wedding ceremony in Marbella photographed from the back of the aisle while the rose petals in the foreground
groom is being thrown up in the air on the dancefloor by his groomsman on their wedding party in Marbella
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i live and work full-time in sPAIN

Why risk hiring a UK photographer for your wedding in Spain? They may not have legal permission to work here or experience with the challenging conditions of harsh sunlight and scorching heat. Plus, you'll likely to have to pay extra for their travel.

Dynamic and beautiful wedding photos

With my relaxed yet dynamic style, I’ll be everywhere and nowhere all at once, leaving you to enjoy the experience of your wedding day. The result. A collection of stunning, authentically you, storytelling, wedding images filled with those special little happenings.

"Chuck was the best supplier to deal with"

The best part of your wedding planning journey should be the seamless experience, and the last thing you want is to compromise time with a photographer who is unfamiliar with the area, the local culture, and lacks experience in destination weddings. Luckily, I bring the exact opposite to the table

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my wedding photography style

No forced poses or staged smiles

No need to pose or put on a show - some of the best photos come from those unexpected, candid moments when you're not even aware of the camera. So sit back, enjoy your day, and trust me to capture those perfect, unscripted snapshots that will always tug at your heartstrings.

bride and groom are very happy walking down the aisle after the ceremony in Marbella

As a seasoned destination wedding photographer, I love to embrace the journey. Meeting diverse people and navigating different locations, whether a far-flung corner of the world or closer to home, is something I relish. I thrive on experiencing new cultures and adventures, and you can bet I'll bring a bucketful of enthusiasm and good vibes to your wedding day.

Over the years, I've grown to love capturing the pure joy and raw emotion that weddings bring. My style is laid-back and inventive, leading to candid, genuine photos that truly echo your unique love story. Whether you're saying 'I do' in a far-off paradise or in your cozy hometown, you can count on me to document every little moment with expertise and dedication.

I invest time to understand your needs and desires, tailoring my approach to give you a fantastic experience that complements your plans.

A destination wedding is all about personal touches, a tailor-made celebration of your unique love story. You've chosen to emphasize the details that truly speak to you instead of settling for a conventional wedding. Standard, one-size-fits-all wedding photography simply won't capture the essence of your special day. That's why I take the time to get to know what you want and need, shaping my approach to ensure your experience is as amazing as the wedding you've carefully planned.

The Experience (kind words)

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Bride and groom having sea side ceremony in Nerja, Spain near Marbella and photographed by CG Weddings

Getting married in Europe or Overseas?

Looking for someone out there who you can trust with your photos, relaxed and travels the world regularly with wedding photography?

Truth is, I absolutely love travelling & delivering irresistibly authentic photos worldwide that capture natural and beautiful moments while also take time to create those stunning, creative couples portraits that you’ll want to hang on your wall and remember your epic wedding day by.






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Countries Chuck had a Tequila with bride and grooms

Chuck was lying in the mess or standing in the sea to get the money shot

Weddings shot in a year

super experienced photographer and traveler

I’m proud to say that over 300 couples have trusted me with their wedding photography across 10 countries and 120+ venues. I have worked locally at wedding venues in London, other locations throughout the UK, and various destination weddings abroad.

Dynamic and beautiful wedding photos

With my relaxed yet dynamic style, I’ll be everywhere and nowhere all at once, leaving you to enjoy the experience of your wedding day. The result. A collection of stunning, authentically you, storytelling, wedding images filled with those special little happenings.

"Chuck was fun and the easiest supplier to deal with"

Because I care about giving you stunning photos and relaxed approach that perfectly reflect this momentous occasion in your life. With transparent pricing and easy-to-understand packages, working with me is always a breeze. So why wait? Get in touch today to start discussing how I can make your destination wedding truly memorable!

As an award-winning photographer based in Marbella, I'm deeply inspired by the local landscapes and stunning wedding venues here. My work takes me to places like the luxurious Marbella Club, the charming Casa de La Era, and the elegant Villa Padierna Palace Hotel, each offering a unique backdrop set against the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra Blanca mountains. While I'm proud of the recognition I've received, my real joy comes from capturing your unforgettable moments in these beautiful settings, focusing on creating images that reflect your love story in this remarkable locale.

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Investment & Experience

Would you like to learn more about my wedding photography packages and prices? I'm proud to be one of the top wedding photographers in Spain, Italy and UK, giving the absolute best in photography and product quality, and customer experience.

So what this is all about?

Fancy seeing my couples` favourite wedding photos from all over the country and Europe? If you want to dive right into the core reasons couples book me, check out the link to my favourite wedding photos. You’ll get to see the style and quality of my photos, some of the more exotic places I work, and the value you will receive when you invest in one of my packages.



Why should you book me as your wedding photographer in Marbella?

In my years as a wedding photographer in Costa Del Sol, I've made it a point to prioritize open communication, relaxed approach, authentic images, and swift photo delivery times without affecting the quality. Understanding the uniqueness of each wedding, especially those that are multi-day events or have extended hours, I offer flexible packages designed to cover all the moments of your special day. My aim is to provide a seamless and satisfying experience that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.





Quick Delivery: Your Personal Online Gallery in 4-8 Weeks

Extra Days of Coverage and Quality Albums from UK, US, and EUrope

A Relaxed and Personalized Journey, Start to Finish

Packages Tailored for couples Heading to Marbella and costa del sol

While it's common practice in Spain for wedding photos to take months to be edited, I guarantee that you'll receive your perfectly edited photos within 4-8 weeks of your wedding. To keep things exciting, you'll also receive a sneak peek of 15-20 images just two weeks after your big day

Since you're likely to be in Marbella for a few days, let's make the most of it! The Costa Del Sol's breathtaking landscapes make for incredible photo opportunities. Plus, I offer top-quality wedding albums that will be delivered right to your doorstep across Europe and US.

Feeling relaxed in front of the camera can be a challenge, but my approach will ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. No matter how camera-shy you may be, I promise that you'll end up with the wedding photos of your dreams while having fun, and never feel overwhelmed or awkward.

Marbella's wedding venues don't close early like in the UK or US, and my full-day coverage packages reflect this. Whether it's a pool party, a sparkling exit, or a late-night beach swim, I'll be there to capture every moment until your legs will give up.


Brazilian couple getting married in Spain and have carnival and capoeira dancers around them for a wedding photo

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If you’re in the midst of your wedding planning and are considering a luxury wedding abroad around the sunny mediterreanean or further, feel free to contact me today. I’ll work with you throughout your event to provide you with a plethora of photos that are worthy of hanging on your wall.

I am extremely excited to hear from you and to get started on this magical journey together!


Destination Bride getting ready in Marbella for her wedding

How I approach your wedding photography?

relaxed and tailored Approach

no awkward posing

stunning couple portraits

casual and traditional group & family photos that won’t take hours

those amazing stolen moments that you weren’t even aware of

a super relaxed approach

hassle free experience and plenty space to enjoy the day

Evening tequila shoots with chuck

London wedding photographer capturing this photo at Barbican Conservatory

Destination Wedding Photography in Marbella and Europe

With limitless destinations across the globe, you're bound to have a location in mind that has significance to you as a couple.

You don't have to compromise; I'll work to deliver beautiful photos that tell the unique story of your day and capture the essence of you as a couple. With just the right balance of style, humor, personality and emotion, you'll receive a collection of images that are authentically you.