Wedding photographer in Spain Marbella taken a photo of bride and groom while sailing on the Costa Del Sol

Are you looking for an English-speaking wedding photographer based in Spain who can capture your wedding day with both beauty and ease?

My style blends timeless, relaxed, and candid photography, beautifully complemented by stunning and effortless portraits. I promise there will be no awkward posing or cringe here. My absolute priority is to ensure your day unfolds naturally and uninterrupted while I focus on capturing those genuine moments.

Whether it's Marbella, Malaga, Nerja, Tarifa, Estepona, Mijas, any other part of the enchanting coasts of Costa Del Sol and Costa Brava, the mesmerizing islands of Ibiza and Mallorca, or even the heart of Spain in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia & Alicante, I'll be there to ensure your magical moments last forever.

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My Philosophy

Do you like Candid & natural moments?

I feel the same way! There's something incredibly special about candid moments. As a Spain wedding photographer time and again, I've found that the most heart-warming (or crazy) photos are the ones captured when people are simply being themselves, oblivious to the camera's presence.

Are you having a crazy wedding beach or pool party, or maybe a dance-off that continues until your legs give out? Count me in (while I capture it all, of course).

bride and groom dancing in the sunset in Marbella photographerd by Chuck from CG weedings
Bride and groom laughing out loud during their romantic wedding ceremony in Santorini overlooking the caldera and this moment was captured beautifully by their destination wedding photographer
bride and groom walking in an incredible sunset during their destination wedding in Marbella
bride and groom are very happy walking down the aisle after the ceremony in Marbella
happy bride and groom walking down the confetti lane lifting hands up in happiness for their destination wedding photo session
Bride and groom laughing and sitting in a boat while the groom is rowing away from the pier on a lake at their destination wedding in france
Wedding photography in Spain where bride and groom cuddling for a natural moment in front of the sea
bridesmaids open their present from the bride they received before the wedding ceremony in Marbella Ocean Club
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i live and work full-time in sPAIN

Why risk hiring a UK photographer for your wedding in Spain? They may not have legal permission to work here or experience with the challenging conditions of harsh sunlight and scorching heat, and doomed if there is a flight cancellation. Plus, you'll likely to have to pay extra for their travel.

Dynamic and beautiful wedding photos

With my relaxed yet dynamic style, I’ll be everywhere and nowhere all at once, leaving you to enjoy the experience of your wedding day. The result. A collection of stunning, authentically you, storytelling, wedding images filled with those special little happenings.

"Chuck was the best supplier to deal with"

The best part of your wedding planning journey should be the seamless experience, and the last thing you want is to compromise time with a photographer who is unfamiliar with the area, the local culture, and lacks experience in destination weddings. Luckily, I bring the exact opposite to the table

The Experience (kind words)

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Wedding Photography in Spain



Here are my favourite cities to tying the knot in Spain: Barcelona, Ibiza, Madrid, Malaga, and Marbella. Barcelona's got a cool mix of the city buzz and beach relaxation. Whether it's a beautiful church or beachfront, you can find a place that fits your style. Now, for those dreaming about an island wedding, Ibiza and Mallorca has got you covered. Known for fun parties, it also has some peaceful spots for your big day, like cute farmhouses or hotels with amazing sea views. For the city lovers, Madrid is a perfect match. This vibrant capital has many gorgeous venues, including luxury hotels and palaces, offering a real city wedding experience.

If you're more into a sunny beach wedding, Malaga is your place. With beautiful beach venues, historic locations, and luxury resorts, it has everything to make your day special.

Lastly, Marbella is a haven for those seeking a touch of luxury. From beautiful beaches to high-end resorts, it offers a truly glamorous setting for your big day.

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As an award-winning photographer based in Marbella, I'm deeply inspired by the local landscapes and stunning wedding venues here. My photography journey takes me to exquisite destinations throughout Spain, including the vibrant island of Ibiza and the captivating venues of Marbella. From the electrifying energy of Ibiza's beachfront celebrations to the enchanting ambiance of Marbella's remarkable venues, I have the privilege of capturing unforgettable moments in these breathtaking settings. Whether it's the iconic Ibiza coastline or a stunning venue in Marbella, my passion is to create images that truly reflect your unique love story in these extraordinary locations.

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bride and groom walking on a pier in the sea during their destination wedding in Bahamas with blue sky backdrop while photographed by CG Weddings

wedding photography in Spain

Spain is beautiful, amazing and refreshing. The perfect country for ENGLISH AND AMERICAN couples getting married abroad.

When you think Spain, what comes to mind first? Sun-drenched beaches, delicious food (did someone say tapas?), passionate culture… and destination weddings! That’s right – if you’re dreaming of a fairytale wedding in sunny Spain, read on because I might be just the right destination wedding photographer in Spain for you.

While I photograph weddings all around the world, I specialize photographing British and European weddings in Spain as I understand the cultural references, the level of care & service you need and most importantly my approach is crafted all couples looking to get married abroad which is a whole different experience to local weddings in the UK.

my wedding photography style

No forced poses or staged smiles

No need to pose or put on a show - some of the best photos come from those unexpected, candid moments when you're not even aware of the camera. So sit back, enjoy your day, and trust me to capture those perfect, unscripted snapshots that will always tug at your heartstrings.

Bride and groom having sea side ceremony in Nerja, Spain near Marbella and photographed by CG Weddings

Getting married in Europe or Overseas?

Looking for someone out there who you can trust with your photos, relaxed and travels the world regularly with wedding photography?

Truth is, I absolutely love travelling & delivering irresistibly authentic photos worldwide that capture natural and beautiful moments while also take time to create those stunning, creative couples portraits that you’ll want to hang on your wall and remember your epic wedding day by.


bride and groom are very happy walking down the aisle after the ceremony in Marbella

As an experienced destination wedding photographer living and working in Spain, I'm all about the journey. Getting to know a variety of people and exploring unique places, whether that's somewhere across the globe or a gem in our backyard, is something I truly enjoy. New adventures and experiences? I'm there, and I bring a fun, lively spirit to every wedding day.

Over the years, I've come to love the genuine joy and raw emotions that weddings offer. My style is relaxed but inventive, leading to natural, real photos that showcase your unique love story. Whether you're saying 'I do' in a dreamy faraway place or right at home, you can count on me to capture each precious moment with professionalism and heart.

I invest time to understand your needs and desires, tailoring my approach to give you a fantastic experience that complements your plans.

A destination wedding is all about adding personal touches and creating a tailor-made celebration that reflects your unique love story. You've chosen to emphasize the details that truly resonate with you, steering clear of a conventional wedding experience. When it comes to capturing the essence of your special day, standard, one-size-fits-all wedding photography falls short. That's why I take the time to understand your wants and needs, shaping my approach to ensure your experience is as amazing as the carefully planned wedding you've envisioned.