coffee lover & pet person with huge passion for people and photography

I am also madly in love with travelling and pool parties!

Thanks for stopping by! I am sure you just want to see our faces to make sure we are not some crazy people before inviting me to join on the most incredible journey of your lives.

Destination weddings were always a huge passion of my, but in the last few years this side of the business has grown exponentially and it is easy to see why. I love everything about travelling to weddings and the epic destinations I have been and will be lucky enough to discover.

I have photographed over 300 weddings in 10+ countries including my favourite destinations like Santorini, Marbella, Tuscany and London.




Meet my amazing team:

They are my inspiration

Niki (my amazing fiancé) is key part of the culling and editing process as well helping to design stunning wedding albums for all my couples.

Scotty is our entire world and he always like to remind us that regardless of editing timelines, there should be always enough break for a tummy rub.

Without Mr Coffee`s support, late night weddings, long hours and early starts would not be possible.

My wedding contract may ask you whether you will provide me with hot food during the day, but i actually mean coffee...


Mr Coffee

Scotty Mcfluff

Best Friend & Quality Assurance

Emotional Support & HR

Social Media & Wedding Albums