How to get the best wedding photos in Santorini?


You are probably here because you are getting married in Santorini, and wondering How to get the best wedding photos in Santorini?

Santorini consistently makes the list of the most beautiful islands on earth. With its whitewashed houses, cobalt roofs, and the stunning Aegean Sea, it's hard to imagine a more idyllic setting for your big day.

Are you dreaming of getting married in Santorini or you have already booked your wedding there? If so, you've chosen one of the world's premier destination wedding locations. Once you've booked your flights and researched Santorini wedding venues, the next item to consider is your wedding photos.

After all, your wedding only lasts a day — but your wedding photo album will last a lifetime.

What should you know about taking pictures in Santorini? How can you ensure you'll get the kind of wedding photos you've always dreamed about? Here are some expert tips from your Santorini wedding photographer.

1. Scout Locations in Advance

I realize this may not be possible for every couple. But if you do have the opportunity, take a short trip to Santorini during the wedding planning process.

For starters, you'll be able to see your chosen wedding venue in person. This will give you peace of mind knowing it looks as spectacular in real life as it does on their website. You'll also get a chance to establish rapport with the staff who are hosting your wedding event.

Visit the venue and surrounding areas at different times of the day. Take note of the lighting, the views, the ambience, and other details you'd like to include in your wedding photos. Is there a staircase leading down to the sea, a cliff overlooking the sunset, or a wall filled with bougainvillaea?

If you can't visit Santorini in person, ask the venue to provide you with a virtual tour of the location. You could also watch some 4k video tours to get familiar with the island and scout out the best places for taking pictures in Santorini.

2. Know the Style You Want

Photography is first and foremost an art, which means every photographer has their own unique style. To get the photos you've always dreamed about, you need to find a wedding photographer whose style matches your vision and if you are reading this, it is hopefully me.

Best thing to do is to start by browsing social media accounts and websites that feature wedding photography. It doesn’t have to be Santorini specific. Are you drawn to classic, formal shots where everyone is perfectly posed? Or do you prefer those candid, spontaneous shots that capture emotions in real-time? Maybe a nice mix of both of these styles?

Some photographers shoot with an editorial style — think of the images you'd see in Vogue or Vanity Fair. Others specialise in vintage or black and white photography, aerial shots, or landscape portraits. In a gorgeous setting like Santorini, you definitely want a photographer who knows how to capture the island's natural beauty.

As you narrow your choice of photographers, spend time browsing my wedding portfolio to get a feel for how can I help you getting your dream wedding photos.

3. Think outside the box

We photographers know how to capture all the "documentary" wedding moments — walking down the aisle, the first dance, cutting the cake, incredible portraits, etc, but we don’t always know what certain details of the day might mean to you.

Your job is to think about everything the we wouldn't know unless you told us. This might include any shots with specific people beyond the obvious bridal party and family members. Or it might involve close-ups of a vintage locket, a hair clip, or another family heirloom you're wearing for the occasion or even ideas for portraits, like the wedding party jumping in the pool, or having a sunset photo while standing in the sea.

4. Evaluate Pricing & Package Options

As you research destination wedding photographers, you'll find prices and packages at every end of the spectrum. Some charge all-inclusive flat fees, while others charge hourly rates and travelling separately. Some include only digital copies only, while others provide prints and wedding photo albums.

There are no right or wrong answers here. It depends on what's most important to you and what your budget allows and this is why we have straightforward pricing and simple upgrade options. It is important to only consider photographers with transparent pricing so you understand exactly what you're getting (with no hidden surprises).

In our digital era, you no longer have to wait months for edited proofs to come back. For example we will set up a password-protected online gallery where you can view and download your edited wedding photos only 4 weeks after your wedding - crazy right?

Bonus tip: Be sure to ask about the travel costs associated with getting married in Santorini. Likely you'll need to cover the costs for your photographer's flight and accommodation on the island.

beautiful couple portraits of bride and groom holding hands and cuddling in the Tuscany sunset taken by Tuscany wedding photography Chuck

5. Choose a Photographer Who Knows the Island

Finally, know that you'll get the best results by working with a photographer who's intimately acquainted with Santorini. Just like you wouldn't choose a tour guide who had never been to your destination, it only makes sense to hire a photographer with years of experience shooting Santorini weddings or similar destination weddings in Europe.

I for one have a list of the best areas for taking pictures in Santorini, from the top of the caldera to a beautiful hidden garden or alleyway, but also love the adventure to always try something new and exciting.

I also understand where and how the sunlight affects different shooting locations, and how to get incredible portraits and documentary photos in such a harsh direct sunlight environment like Santorini.

Working With Your Santorini Wedding Photographer

Getting married in Santorini is a dream for many, but you'll soon be among the lucky few who turn that dream into reality.

Choosing the right Santorini wedding photographer is a key part of the planning process. You want someone who knows the island inside and out.

Most importantly, you want someone who will listen carefully to your requests and deliver the stunning wedding photos you've always dreamed of.

I've proudly photographed over 300 weddings in more than 80 venues and 7 countries, capturing those beautiful, authentic moments for happy couples. Santorini is one my favourite wedding destinations in Europe and I would be honoured to be your wedding photographer.

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